So, WHY the 24 Day Challenge?

by vanhoogy on April 5, 2014

About 3 weeks ago my daughter Sarah called me and said “Dad for my birthday I would just like some Advocare products”, to which I replied “What is Advocare?”.  The VERY NEXT DAY when I went into the Cafeteria at work one of the Ultrasound Techs had a booth set up giving away free samples of ADVOCARE.  I immediately went up and had a great chat with Erica with with her sponsor Larry Prater and shared with them that I was so tired of the roller coaster ride of weight loss and also so tired of multilevel programs that promise performance and results, etc, etc.  BUT the next day I signed up to become a Distributor ($79) and ordered my “24 Day Challenge Kit” thinking ‘I’ll give this one more shot’… a few days later my Challenge came in the mail, I laid it all out on the counter and took the plan pages and put them in a notebook and said ‘I’m starting tomorrow’…. that was 17 days ago.

Since then I get almost daily calls from either Erica or Larry asking how I’m doing, how I’m feeling and building an incredible trusting friendship.  Not once has Larry asked me to “sell anything” (something that used to turn me way off about the prideful spirit of other companies).  He HAS asked me would I like to buy my product at 40% off.  Not once has he asked me to come to a “Mixer” or party where people can try product and learn about the business side.  So I’ve done all the research and I invited myself to Larry’s house last Thursday night for a mixer.  I met a very humble, very successful and very encouraging group of young (younger than me) people who are in the biz for others, care deeply about helping people with their health and time, they love the product and I never sensed I was a stranger in their midst.  Larry has become a very good friend (although I know somewhere deep inside he wants me to do this business); our conversations are filled with good thoughts and solutions and family talk.

So, in 17 days I’m down 11 pounds and I’ll measure myself completely at the end of 24 days.  But I know for sure I can wear my XL shirts and not just my XXL shirts and my belt is on the next loop and my extended waist pants don’t need to extend so much anymore.  I’m enjoying the process big time.

What is the process you ask?  First 10 days is a mild cleanse and energy boost to get your body loosened up and rid of lots of years of toxins, the next 14 days are jam packed vitamin packs you take throughout the day to rebuild and get your body burning what you eat all day long through your normal living!

I have been a “Fat Person” in my mind: that means that I have believed that if I ate between meals and ate all day (like a thin person does) that I would just get more fat.  It also means that I eat big meals so I won’t “starve (ha-ha)”.  My body has led my mind and hasn’t wanted to let loose.  A “Thin Person” is a GRAZER…someone who eats a normal size meal or a replacement shake for breakfast and then grazes mid-morning on nuts, healthy snacks, fruits, grass (just kidding) and then has a nice normal lunch, then grazes mid afternoon then a nice healthy dinner and then maybe a little graze in the evening.  They also drink water all day long instead of ‘just’ when they are thirsty.  Animals don’t generally just wait til they are thirsty it seems, their bodies are programmed to drink water for health and survival and energy.  I wasn’t listening to my body and so spent my days punishing it by wrong thinking.

I know I’m only at the beginning of a long journey; a journey that will take me beyond losing 50-75 pounds and onto living the controlled life my mind and spirit have been longing for.  So WHY the 24 Day Challenge?  Because I needed to begin a transformation for life.  How are you doing?



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